ProfileThe intent behind Girl from the West is to share the experiences I have as a Woman searching and evolving. The progression and discovery in the last few years of my thirties has revealed that my true nature is infinitely bound to letting go (to what the cords sometimes seem endless). As I attempt this, I begin to trust my Self and embrace my process as an Artist.

To view Works in Progress: www.daniellemourning.com

2 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Dave Mourning said:

    When is the last time I told you I am so proud of you!

  2. Marisa Fernandez said:

    hello Danielle, my name is Marisa Fernandez and I visited Taylor de Cordoba when your solo show was on. I am about to write on your work, particularily the 2 diamond pieces, on a magazine in Mexico . The gallery already provided with the high res images. I just would like if you could tell me a bit more on those 2 paintings. Thank you!

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