about the artist

grama and meMy intention for girlfromthewest is to share my life with you as a visual artist.

I live in San Francisco and was born and raised in Marin County. I went to Wheaton College outside of Boston, lived in Manhattan, worked at Sothebys and assisted commercial photographers. I moved to Los Angeles to attend The Art Center College of Design for an intensive in everything technical about photography-incredible education. While I was there I met inspiring artists such as Christopher Williams and Eve Fowler who encouraged me to attend graduate school. I decided on The Royal College of Art in London. It was pretty incredible. I had no idea how special these two years would really be.

I have spent the last six years living in the Bay Area. The Headlands Center for the Arts gave me a studio for three years and I found two great galleries, Taylor De Cordoba and Weston Gallery to represent my work.

I currently am very grateful to be working/squatting in an office space for lease downtown with an some serious views of the city…I call it my studio in the sky.

To view my work: www.daniellemourning.com

2 thoughts on “about the artist”

  1. Dave Mourning said:

    When is the last time I told you I am so proud of you!

  2. Marisa Fernandez said:

    hello Danielle, my name is Marisa Fernandez and I visited Taylor de Cordoba when your solo show was on. I am about to write on your work, particularily the 2 diamond pieces, on a magazine in Mexico . The gallery already provided with the high res images. I just would like if you could tell me a bit more on those 2 paintings. Thank you!

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